MIRSK is a Danish IT company headquartered in Copenhagen. We are a niche company that primarily consists of specialists in the development of speech technology. Our speech technology solutions; speech recognition and dictation are the market’s only Danish-developed solutions. They are used by employees in the public and private sector. The solutions are user-friendly and give employees an easier and more efficient working day. Today, our voice technology is used by 26,000 users.

We believe that our time-saving technology will play an even more important role in Danish society in the future. The demographic development in Denmark and the rest of Europe means that there will be more older people and fewer people of working age. This development puts the welfare systems under pressure because there are fewer people to provide the welfare benefits to an ever-growing population group.

Along with this development, administrative work is taking up more and more of our time in a society where higher documentation requirements are constantly being set. There is therefore a need for technological development that can help public employees carry out their work tasks more efficiently and free up time for the core tasks. In a global perspective, Denmark is a small country with a well-educated workforce, if our private sector is to continue to compete on the international playing field, private companies need to get the most out of their employees’ resources. We want to help private companies reach their growth potential by helping to create a more efficient working day with our voice technology.

Our identity

MIRSK is part of a globalized and changing world. In order to continue to steer our business forward, we must understand the trends and forces that will help shape our business in the future. MIRSK is an adaptable company, but that does not mean that we work without a clearly defined direction. Our identity is our compass for how we should run the business now and in the future.

We cooperate

We exchange ideas and experiences with our users and partners, to become smarter and in collaboration create the most simple, user-friendly and innovative solutions.

We focus

We have leading specialists in speech technology and focus on becoming the best in a narrow market. We are constantly working to attract the sharpest minds in the development of speech recognition and dictation solutions.

We challenge

We challenge the traditional speech technology market with simple, flexible and specialized solutions at a competitive price, and we challenge ourselves to constantly drive MIRSK forward.

Mission & Vision

What is our purpose?

Our mission declares our purpose as a company and acts as a standard on which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Our mission

MIRSK's mission is to develop and disseminate speech technology that helps professional practitioners get more out of their resources.

What we aim for

MIRSK's vision is our long-term destination, which we constantly navigate to using our identity and mission.

Our vision

MIRSK has a vision to make a significant contribution to a better public sector that, with the help of our technology, creates more value for both public employees and citizens. At the same time, we want to contribute to a more competitive private sector, where we help private companies reach their growth potential.

We will do this by fulfilling our goal of spreading our technology to more branches of the public and private sector with a goal of becoming the leading speech technology company in Scandinavia.

Let's Build Something Together