MIRSK ProDictation™

MIRSK ProDication™ consists of the web-based platform ProDictation.com and the application MIRSK Dictation+. Together, these elements create a simple, mobile and user-friendly dictation solution that is custom-made for people on the go.

A MIRSK ProDictation™ subscription can always be terminated with one month’s notice, and the subscription can be adapted to your needs. Try MIRSK ProDictation™ free for 30 days with no obligation.

A user-friendly experience

Start recording
Pressing the red button starts a recording, and you can immediately begin to dictate.

Fast forward and rewind
With the wheel that surrounds the red button, you can easily and simply fast forward and rewind in your dictations.

Organize your dictations
With the note function you can write brief descriptions of your dictations that can identify content of the dictates.

A familiar experience
It will be a familiar experience when you write notes. Our app uses the keyboard you are used to from your own phone.



With the MIRSK Dictation+ app you always get a professional dictation solution in your pocket.


The dictations are automatically uploaded to ProDictation.com as soon as you have Internet connection.


From a computer, you can access your dictations on ProDictation.com. From there, your dictations can be transcribed.

All you need is a phone

The app works on any device

The MIRSK Dictation+ app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Tablet.

Turn your smartphone into a work tool

With MIRSK Dictation+ your smartphone becomes a professional dictation solution.

Dictate even if you are offline

Dictations are saved on your phone and automatically transferred to ProDictation.com when you get Internet connection.

Our transcription platform

Cloud based

Your dictations are stored in the cloud, so they do not take up space on your phone.

Sort your dictations

Get an overview of your dictations by sorting by date or priority.

Simple navigation

With a simple navigation menu, you can easily move between pages.

Unlimited space

You can have an unlimited number of dictations on ProDictation.com

Encrypted dictations

When the dictation is complete, it will be encrypted on your smartphone and securely transferred to ProDictation.com

Simple player
Transcribe your dictations with the user-friendly player on ProDictation.com

Control the player with shortcuts
Start, stop, fast-forward and rewind the player with shortcut keys while you are transcribing in Microsoft Word.

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