This makes us unique

Our speech recognition has a number of functionalities that are unique in the industry. Read here what you can only get from us.

Real-time or batch anonymization of text

By replacing all personally identifiable information in the speech-recognized text, with labels indicating what information has been removed, conversations can be anonymized in real time. Thus, no audio recording of the conversation is made and the anonymised text can be saved without being in conflict with GDPR legislation.

Real-time or batch anonymization of audio

Personally identifiable information, identified by text anonymization, can be replaced with a tone. In real-time recognition, this can be done in memory so that the un-anonymized conversation is not recorded on any media. It is thus possible to save audio recordings for as long as you want, without being subject to GDPR considerations.

Sentiment analysis

All significant words, in speech-recognized text, are weighted with a value from –5 for the most negative to +5 for the most positive.
The sentiment values for all the significant words are summarized and divided by the number of significant words. This achieves an overall sentiment value for the conversation.

CallCenter integration

Telephony integrations:
SIP trunk integration (ex: Cisco)
SIPRec integration (ex: Avaya)
Genesys Cloud

Client integrations:
Puzzle (App + new browser-based)
Genesys Workspace

AudioStreamer App.

The AudioStreamer application sends audio to the speech recognizer in the best quality, directly from the Agent's PC - without telephony integration. Audiostreamer is a Windows app that streams audio from both agent and customer directly from the sound card to Mirsk speech recognizer, or to a Secure FTP (SFTP) server if there is no need for real-time recognition. Thus, there is no need for telephony integration.

Keyword prioritization

GUI / API for real-time keyword updating. Keywords are prioritized in the speech recognition process so that there is the shortest possible time from a keyword being recognized until it can be used, for example, to manage real-time assistance for call center agents.

Dynamic Glossaries

GUI for technical terms, slang, new words that are not found in standard models for speech recognition. Words added to a dictionary will be immediately recognizable by the speech recognizer.

Delivery of transcribed text in structured database

Transcribed text can either be provided as a text file for each conversation or audio file, or in a structured MS SQL database format. In addition to the text, the database will contain timestamps for start and stop of each word, sentiment score per word (if this option is selected), speech ID at 2 track sound m.m.

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